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"SBLS has been a blessing to our three kids. The excitement they have for learning and the growth in their relationship with Jesus is everything we wanted for our children's education. We are thankful for the teachers, administration, and staff that love and care for the students and families at SBLS."

"Our family has been blessed tremendously by being a part of the SBLS family. I say family because we are not a number, we are not in a large school where my children could slip through the cracks. They are cared for, loved and I know if something needs to be addressed, it will happen immediately. The most important reason they are attending SBLS though, is for the Christian education. I know they will have a solid foundation in Christ Jesus. That is a peace that makes life easier as a parent in this crazy world."

"Sending my kids to SBLS has always been the best decision I have ever made as a parent. The teachers have always shown so much love and dedication to my kids. I feel comfortable dropping them off knowing they care for my children as much as I do. I've had teachers come in early, stay over and even help my child over the summer with academics. They are truly compassionate and have amazing patience. You can see the Christian attributes are living within them daily. The village that has helped raise my kids are the teachers at SBLS."




Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School disciples each generation to grow deeply, serve humbly, and go boldly in Christ to advance God's Kingdom.


Our school is located at 6318 West California Road and is surrounded by quiet residences and farmland. Our school can be reached easily from both Highway 30 and Interstate 69. We welcome your visit and would be delighted to give you a tour of our school.

Our History
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