Tuition & Fees

Fees for 2018-2019


  • Registration - All Preschool students    $75.00
  • Tuition 3 year olds                                $90.00/month
  • Tuition 4 - 5 year olds                           $110.00/month


Kindergarten - 8th Grade:


  • Grades          K-8                           $475.00


                                       Amt. Due at                        Final Amt. Due      

                                       Registration                        at or before August

                                       (per student)                       Open House (per student)

Grades K-8                      $25.00                                   $450.00



Tuition fees ( per student )

1st payment due on or before August Open House. Remainder due

Monthly Oct 1st - May 1st.

Grade                                            Amount Due  Monthly                  Total for Year

Grade K-8                                           $422.78                                      $3805.00


For Financial Assistance Information - Click Here

While members of SBL church pay a discounted tuition fee, they are expected to contribute a tithe as God has blessed them and to worship at least 50% of the time.  As part of the Faith Commitment for families who are members of SBLC, the minimum financial commitment for the 2018 calendar year will be $1650.00 per family.


Each child per sport

  • $55.00 (Basketball)
  • $45.00 (Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling & Track)
  • $30.00 (Cheerleading)


  • Students $2.90*
  • Adults    $3.80* 
  • subject to change

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards for payments of fees for your convenience.

Families with UNPAID bills from the previous year will not be allowed to attend school. All families MUST have a signed commitment form on file to attend classes.

If financial hardship prevents your family from being able to make payments in accordance with any of the schedules listed above, please contact the school principal. The mission of Suburban Bethlehem is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our community. No child will be denied admission to our school, solely for financial reasons. If you have a financial hardship, a mutual agreement between God, your family and, Suburban Bethlehem can be arranged that will allow your children to attend our school.

We may request a Pastoral letter of recommendation for any new student entering Grades 6th thru 8th.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 260-483-9371.

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